Psychotherapy for Kids


Working with children in therapy requires an optimal blend of curiosity, authenticity, and attunement.  Adults rely on talk as the preferred medium of expression, but children often communicate best through play or movement.

Following a child’s cues,  I utilize a mix of play, art, creation, movement, and talk to uncover the true feeling states that underlie a child’s behavior.  I also work closely with parents to observe relational dynamics and coach in real time on alternative ways of communicating or problem solving.  Together, we will then create a plan which will support your child and the entire family to shift toward a more harmonious place.

My specialty areas include:
– The Highly Sensitive Child (HSC)
– Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
– Stress and Anxiety
– Gifted and Twice Exceptional (2E) – (gifted in certain cognitive domains but have a learning, social, or emotional challenge)
– Executive Functioning and ADHD/ADD
– Grief and Loss


My rate for a 60-minute session is $185 with a $5 discount if paid via check, cash, or Venmo.  When working with kids,  I typically meet with the child for 45 minutes and the parents for 15 minutes. Payment is due at the time of services. I do not accept insurance, but I can provide a monthly invoice for submission to your insurance company for out of network benefits.

Getting started

I am currently not accepting any new child clients.


Please complete this Child Questionnaire and bring it to our first meeting.

"In a mobile, all the pieces, no matter what the size or shape, can be grouped together and balanced by shortening or lengthening the strings attached, or rearranging the distance between pieces. So it is with a family. None of the family members is identical to any other; they are all different and at different levels of growth. As in a mobile, you can’t arrange one without thinking of the other."

- Virginia Satir